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Overhead Door Sensors

Ensure Safety and Efficiency with Overhead Door Sensors

Microwave and IR vehicle Detection

Overhead Motion

Overhead microwave (radar) motion sensors with:

  • Flexible mounting height
  • No-cut installation
  • Optional remote control
  • Directional and presence options
Induction Loop Vehicle Detection

Induction Loop

Wide selection of induction loop vehicle detectors with:

  • Multi-voltage (12-240 AC/DC)
  • Ultrameter™ display
  • Detect-On-Stop™
  • Preformed induction loops with built-in lightning protection
Single Cut Vehicle Detection


Single cut vehicle detection sensor with:

  • Easy installation
  • Ultrameter™ display
  • Detect-On-Stop™

Microwave/IR Vehicle Detectors

Induction Loop Vehicle Detectors

Magnetoresistive Vehicle Detectors


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