Loop Replacement System

Single Saw Cut Vehicle Detector

  • Easy installation above or below ground
  • Ignores cross traffic in tight spaces with DETECT-ON-STOP™ feature
  • Quick setup with the ULTRAMETER™ sensitivity display
  • Logic Interface available for extended detection range

Vehicle Detectors


Access Controls

Product Overview for the LRS Vehicle Detector

The Loop Replacement System (LRS) features advanced 3-axis, magnetoresistive sensing technology that responds to changes in the Earth’s magnetic field caused by ferrous objects. Three sensing elements provide measurements in the X, Y and Z axes to improve detection sensitivity when used in either above or below ground installations.

The LRS is equipped with our new DETECT-ON-STOP™ or (DOS®) feature, which allows detection only when a vehicle has come to a complete stop. This EMX exclusive feature is a major advantage if you want to ignore cross traffic in tight spaces.

The detector’s compact, loop-less design reduces installation costs when compared to traditional inductive loop technology.

Features of Our Single Cut Vehicle Detector

The LRS system offers the following features:

  • Three-dimensional presence detection of vehicles
  • Select X, Y, Z axis independently
  • Stand-alone sensor
  • Sensor stores ambient background and settings in non-volatile memory
  • Remote control module for programming and additional relay contact output
  • ULTRAMETER™ displays optimum sensitivity setting/crosstalk interference
  • DETECT-ON-STOP™ allows detection only when a vehicle has come to a complete stop
  • Optional Logic Interface for extended detection

Control Unit

Power/fault indicator Green LED
Detect indicator Red LED
Outputs SPDT relay/NPN (open collector)
Output ratings Relay: 1A @ 24VDC…120VAC NPN: 50 mA (max)
Connection 10 position screw terminal
Housing ABS
Environmental rating IP30
Power supply 12-30 VDC and 24 VAC
Current draw 40 mA max
Dimensions 76mm (3.0”) x 22mm(0.9”) x 70mm(2.75”)
Weight 68g (0.15 lbs.)


Outputs NPN (open collector)
Output ratings 50 mA
Connection 5 conductor direct burial
Housing DB: PVC; FP: Polyamide
Environmental rating IP69K
Power supply 12-30 VDC
Current draw 10 mA max
Dimensions DB:102mm (4.0”) x 27mm (1.0”); FP: 86mm (3.4”) x 21mm (0.9”) x 8mm (0.3”)
Weight DB: 43g (0.09 lbs.); FP: 23g (0.05 lbs.)

Control Unit & Sensor

Sensing technology 3-axis magnetoresistive
Sensitivity 10 levels: 0-9
Axis sensitivity 512 counts/gauss (typical)
Environmental tracking Automatic compensation
Local magnetic field nulling Averages local field signature in any sensor orientation
Detection range 1.5m (5ft.)
Pulse/presence Allows the relay/NPN output to send either a pulse output or have constant presence
Detect-On-Stop Requires vehicle to stop for a minimum of 1 second (1-2s typical)
Operating environment -40°C…82°C (-40°F…180°F)
Supply protection circuitry Reverse polarity and fuse protected

Logic Interface

Power indicator Green LED
Detect indicator 2x Red LEDs
Configuration selector 10 position rotary switch
Outputs Relay 1: SPDT (form C)
Relay 2: SPST (form A)
Output ratings 1A @ 24 VDC/120 VAC
Operating environment -40° C…82° C (-40° F…180° F) 0…95% relative humidity
Housing material ABS
Enclosure IP30
Power 12-30 VDC and 24 VAC
Operating current (standby/detect) One sensor connected: 22/35mA
Two sensors connected: 33/60mA
Supply protection circuitry Reverse polarity and fuse protected
Dimensions 73mm (2.9”) x 38mm (1.2”) x 78mm (3.1”)
Weight 0.25 lbs. (113 g)
Connector 11 pin male connector (JEDEC B11-88)

Spec Sheet
Detect-on-Stop Technology
Logic Interface Spec Sheet
Logic Interface Manual

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