RFID Tags: Versatile Solutions for Your Access Control Needs

Our collection of RFID tags offers an extensive range of options to suit every requirement and application. Whether you’re looking for a convenient hang tag, a discreet windshield sticker, or a robust metal-mount tag, we’ve got you covered.

Hang Tags

Our hang tags are versatile and straightforward to use, offering both generic and customizable graphics. Ranging in size, these tags are designed to hang on rearview mirrors, providing a simple and effective solution for vehicle identification.

Custom Hang Tags

Take your brand visibility to another level with our custom hang tags. Available in various sizes, these tags can be tailored with your company’s unique graphics, offering an extra layer of personalization.

Windshield Tags

Offering a range of windshield stickers, these RFID tags are designed to sit subtly on a vehicle’s windshield. We offer custom designs, plain white stickers, and our exclusive logo-labeled stickers to match your specific needs.

ISOM Cards

Our ISOM Cards come with multi-technology capabilities, combining 900MHz with either 125KHz or 13.4MHz. Whether you need a combo card or a generic Gen2 PVC card, our ISO range offers exceptional flexibility and performance.


Specifically designed for metal environments, our Stealth ABS encased metal mount tag is resilient and robust, offering a solution for more challenging use-cases.


Our Viper headlamp tag is the epitome of discretion, designed to be virtually unnoticeable when attached to a vehicle’s headlamp. This RFID tag offers a unique solution for covert operations.

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