Metal Mount Tags


  • Suitable for mounting on most surfaces
  • High Performance
  • Asset tracking, inventory management, and equipment identification


The STEALTH Tag is a robust and versatile RFID solution, designed with an ABS encased metal mount for durability and compatibility with various surfaces, including metal. Its seamless integration with EPC Class 1 Gen2 and ISO 18000-6c frequency RFID systems, along with a maintenance-free operation and data retention of up to 50 years, makes it an excellent tool for efficient asset tracking, inventory management, and operational efficiency.

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The STEALTH Tag perfectly balances high performance and convenience, fulfilling any RFID need you might have. It can be positioned either horizontally or vertically, demonstrating its adaptability to fit your unique requirements. This tag operates within the 902-928MHz frequency range and complies with EPC Class 1 Gen2 and ISO 18000-6c standards.

  • ABS Encased Metal Mount Tag
  • Suitable for mounting on most surfaces
  • Can be positioned both horizontally and vertically
  • Operates within EPC Class 1 Gen2, ISO 18000-6c standards
  • Data retention of up to 50 years
  • Impressive read range of 25-30 feet
  • Compact yet robust design: 5.12″x1.65″x0.42″

Choose our STEALTH Tag for its superior performance, resilience, and adaptability. Take your RFID operations to new heights with the STEALTH Tag.

Tag Mounting Guide

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