Vehicle Detectors

Vehicle detectors sense the presence of vehicles. They provide an output signal to a control unit, such as a gate or door operator, to open or close. When used as a safety device, vehicle detectors prevent a gate or door from closing on a vehicle.

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EMX offers four types of sensing technologies:

Inductive – measures a change in inductance (loop frequency) caused by a vehicle passing over a buried loop
Magnetoresistive – measures a change in the Earth’s magnetic field caused by a vehicle passing in close proximity to the sensor
Ultrasonic – measures sound waves that echo off a vehicle
Motion – senses a disturbance in the Earth’s magnetic field when a vehicle passes within range

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Vehicle Loop Detectors

Loop Sensors for a Variety of Applications

EMX Industries provides a variety of vehicle loop detector products and assorted accessories for a range of applications. Let’s take a look at some of the key features of our inductive loop detectors.

  • Plug-in Style Vehicle Loop Detector ULTRA-PLG – Includes our DETECT-ON-STOP™ feature, 10 sensitivity settings, 4 operating frequencies, a solid-state output, and more.
  • Multi-Voltage Vehicle Loop Detector ULTRA-MVP – Includes our DETECT-ON-STOP™ feature, low current draw, 10 sensitivity settings, single or two channel options, and more.
  • Vehicle Loop Detector ULTRA-DIN – Includes our DETECT-ON-STOP™ feature, automatic sensitivity boost (ASB), an ULTRAMETER™ display, a DIN rail mount, and more.
  • Multi-Voltage Vehicle Detector MVP D-TEK – Features of this loop sensor include universal voltage capabilities, a built-in loop conditioner, a frequency counter, operation in both fail secure and fail safe modes, and more.
  • Vehicle Loop Detector LP D-TEK – Incorporates low power consumption, an aluminum RF shield housing, 2 relays, surge protection, and more.
  • Plug-in Style Vehicle Loop Detector ULTRA V-2 D-TEK – These inductive loop detector units are compact and feature our ULTRAMETER™ display, 10 sensitivity settings, a frequency counter, a solid state output, 4 operating frequencies, and more.
  • Plug-in Style Vehicle Loop Detector ULTRA II D-TEK – This inductive loop vehicle detector model includes features such as 10 sensitivity settings, loop diagnostics, 4 operating frequencies, lightning and surge protection, and more.
  • Surface Mounted Loop Pad SP-24 – Designed for use to fit between guide rails in an automated carwash system, this surface mounted loop pad can detect up to 30 inches high and is made from black polypropylene.
  • Lite Preformed Loop – This PR-Loop is ready-to-use, lightweight loop is compatible with all of EMX’s vehicle loop detectors and features rugged and flexible TPE tubing.
  • Loop Tester TSTL – This accessory helps operators to locate issues occurring within a gate or door installation. The unit is compact, simple to operate, and waterproof.

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