Dual-Zone Drive-Thru Alert Kit

  • Ready to install, complete system
  • Detect vehicles & alert staff
  • Includes 2 induction loop sensors, 2 loop detectors, alert strobe/chime
  • Pre-wired enclosure with components pre-installed
  • Perfect all in one solution for applications requiring dual-zone detection and alert

DAK-2ULTMVP Overview

The DAK-2ULTMVP drive-thru alert kit provides an audio and visual indication to team members that need to know when a customer’s vehicle has pulled into the drive-thru lane. This system can be used in a wide variety of drive-thru applications requiring 2 detection zones, including fast-food restaurants, banking, and car wash.

The panel inside the junction box will have the transformer and ULT-MVP vehicle detectors mounted and prewired. Terminal blocks inside the panel will be available for easy connection of incoming power (120 VAC) and wire connections to the PR-46 loops and LED beacon. All of the vehicle detectors and the LED beacon will be preprogrammed.

Features of Our Drive-Thru Alert Kit

The DAK-2ULTMVP is a complete system for detecting vehicles and notifying staff for applications requiring dual-zone detection.

  • The ULT-MVP is a multi-voltage vehicle detector that will automatically adjust from 12 VDC up to 240 VAC to fit any installation. The ULTRAMETER™ display indicates the appropriate sensitivity setting to detect a vehicle near the loop. Ten sensitivity settings allow for fine adjustment of the detection level, while four frequency settings provide flexibility in preventing crosstalk in multi-loop applications. The ULT-MVP provides two relay outputs – one for indicating vehicle presence and a second for loop fault, pulse on entry/exit, or DETECT-ON-STOP™. DOS® allows detection only when a vehicle has come to a complete stop on the loop. This EMX exclusive feature ignores cross traffic in tight spaces.
  • The PR-46-100 is a ready-to-use, preformed loop with a 100-foot lead that can be shortened or spliced to extend as needed. The loop is housed in rugged and flexible 0.26” diameter thermoplastic rubber tubing and provides built-in lightning protection. It is suitable for all installations – saw cut, concrete, and tar.
  • The SLM500B is a LED beacon and sounder with three separate levels of alarm. Channel 1 includes a simulated strobe (triple flash). Channel 2 adds an audible tone (32 options included) to the simulated strobe effect. Channel 3 includes a steady light and a second, unique tone (32 options included) for a total of 64 unique tones. The volume of the tone is adjustable from 65-105 dBa.


Sensitivity 10 levels, 0-9
ULTRAMETER™ Display Indicates optimum sensitivity level, 0-9 Diagnostic aid
Loop frequency 4 settings (low, med-low, med-hi, high)
Loop inductance 20…2000µH (Q factor > 5)
Grounded loop Isolation transformer allows operation with poor quality loops
Automatic tuning Detector tunes to loop on power-up and following frequency count function
Environmental tracking Automatic compensation
Surge protection Loop circuitry protected by surge suppressors
Presence relay SPDT relay contacts (form C)
Output B relay SPDT relay contacts (form C)
Contact rating (resistive load) 2A @ 30VDC, 0.5A @ 125VAC
Power / loop fault indicator Green LED
Detect / frequency count indicator Red LED
Detect-On-Stop Requires vehicle to stop for a minimum of 1 second (1-2s typical)
ASB (Automatic Sensitivity Boost) Increases sensitivity after initial detection to prevent dropout due to high-bed vehicles
Power 12…60 VDC (Max. 0.8 VA) 12…240 VAC (48…62Hz) (Max. 1.4 VA)
Operating current 20mA standby / 50mA detect
Operating temperature -40°C…82°C (-40°F…180°F) 0…95% relative humidity
Dimensions (L x W x H) 73mm (2.9”) x 38mm (1.2”) x 78mm (3.1”)
Weight 0.25 lbs. (113 g)
Housing ABS plastic, IP30
Connections Socket mount – 11 pin male (JEDEC B11-88)

PR-46-100 Specs

Operating Temperature -8°F to 194°F, -22°C to 90°C
Overall Diameter of Loop Wire 0.26″
Loop Dimensions 4×6′
Lead-In Wire 100′ twisted wire in PVC jacket
Loop Wire Approvals UL TC, PLTC, FPL or NPLF 300/600 Volt
40 mil nylon PVC direct burial

SLMB500B Specs

Voltage 12-24 VAC/DC
Flash Rate / Minute (Flash Mode) 85 (+/- 10)
3 Channels Included 1: Simulated strobe
2: Simulated strobe + tone 1
3: Steady light + tone 2
Decibels @ 1 M Min. 65, Max. 105
Max Operating Current 460 mA @ 24 VAC/DC
Material Polycarbonate, Type 3R, IP65 enclosure
Weight Beacon: 7.05 oz (0.20 kg)
Bracket: 6.70 oz (0.19 kg)
Light Source 50,000 hour LED
Operating Temperature -22°F to 122°F, -30°C to 50°C
Certifications CE, cUL listed

11 position harness
3 feet of wire

Black, wide profile, 11 pin socket base for DIN rail mount

Black, narrow profile, 11 pin socket base for DIN rail mount

Preformed loop
2×6, 4×6, 4×8, 4×10, 6×10 or 8×12 ft with 50 ft lead

Test loop
1.25 x 1.25 x 0.75 inches

Spec Sheet
Quick Start Guide
DAK-2ULTMVP Wiring Diagram
ULT-MVP Manual
Detect-on-Stop Technology

Loop Information

Loop Sizes
Loop Installation
Preformed Loop Spec Sheet
Preformed Loop Manual
Test Loop Instructions

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