Vehicle Motion Detector

  • Simple installation
  • Easy sensitivity adjustments
  • Energy conservation
  • Easy integration
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Overview of the VMD202 Vehicle Motion Detector

The VMD202 is the most advanced single-piece vehicle motion detector on the market today. The probe and its electronics are housed in a slim design that is buried next to a driveway. The VMD202-R Sensitivity Remote Control makes installation and fine tuning simple.

Program the VMD202 vehicle motion detector’s 10 sensitivity settings with the VMD202-R Sensitivity Remote Control. Simply plug the VMD202-R into the harness to tune the VMD202. The setting is retained in non-volatile memory. The VMD-R can be removed and used for multiple installations, or left in place if tampering is not a concern.

The VMD202 vehicle motion detector accepts a wide range of power inputs – 12-41 VDC or 8-29 VAC. The low standby current of 250uA is great for solar power applications.

The VMD202 vehicle motion detector is supplied with a 50-ft. lead, a harness and a jumper.

VMD202 Features

  • Probe assembly and wire are water tight and direct burial compatible
  • Harness is pre-wired onto lead wire for easy installation
  • Settings are placed in a non-volatile memory in case of power failure
  • Accepts wide range of power inputs from 12-41 VDC or 8-29 VAC
  • Low current consumption of 250uA standby and 12mA activated
Power 12-41 VDC or 8-29 VAC
Current Stand-by 250uA with VMD202-R removed 295uA with VMD202-R in-line
Relay Form C (SPDT) 1A@24VDC; 1A@120VAC
Detect Current 12mA
Operating Temperature -40°C – 82°C (-40°F – 180°F) at less than 96% relative humidity
Material ABS Plastic for VMD202-R PVC for Probe
Dimensions VMD202-R (3.0 x 0.9 x 2.75 in) Probe (1 x 24 in)
Probe Cable 5 wire direct burial PVC



Sensitivity remote control

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