Surface-Mounted Loop Pad

  • Designed for carwash systems
  • Used with EMX vehicle loop detectors
  • Rugged construction

SP-24 Surface-Mounted Loop Pad Overview

The SP-24 surface-mounted loop pad is designed to fit between the guide rails in automated carwash systems. Made with durable polypropylene, this sealed pad can stand up to carwash detergents. The SP-24 is able to detect up to 30 inches high when coupled with EMX’s line of vehicle loop detectors.


Features of the SP-24 Surface-Mounted Loop Pad

  • Size: 23.75” x 23.75” x 1”
  • Material: black polypropylene
  • Lead-In: 50 feet shielded twisted pair

Black polypropylene lead-in wire guard
24″x 3″ x .5″

Spec Sheet


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