Photoeye Selection Guide

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Product Technology Operating Range UL325 Monitoring Rating Notes
IRB-RET Retroreflective 60 ft. Pulse, NC, 10K NEMA 4X
IRB-MON Thru-Beam 115 ft. Pulse, NC, 10K NEMA 4X
IRB-325 Thru-Beam 65 ft. NC NEMA 4X
NIR-50-325 Retroreflective 50 ft. NC, 10K IP66
IRB-4X Thru-Beam 115 ft. NEMA 4X
IRB-EXP Thru-Beam 115 ft. Class 1 Explosion-proof
PC-3 Thru-Beam 30 ft. IP50
BPE-50 Thru-Beam 50 ft. IP66 Battery powered TX
NIR Retroreflective 30 ft. IP66
NIR-50 Retroreflective 50 ft. IP66

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*Compatible with the IRB-RET, IRB-MON and IRB-4X.

This security-style, steel bollard provides a stylish approach to photoeye protection.
Keep hardware hidden from vandalism and everyday wear and tear.
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