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Vehicle Detector Selection Guide

We offer a full range of vehicle detectors to fit almost any installation. Below we have provided a table outlining the core features and technologies for easy differentiation and selection.

ProductTechnologyDetection RangeMaterial DetectionDetect-on-Stop™ULTRAMETER™ Display
ULTRA-MVPInductiveDependent on loop sizeMetalyesyes
ULTRA-MVP-2InductiveDependent on loop sizeMetalyesyes
ULTRA-DINInductiveDependent on loop sizeMetalyesyes
ULTRA-PLGInductiveDependent on loop sizeMetalyesyes
ULTRA-IIInductiveDependent on loop sizeMetalyes
MVP D-TEKInductiveDependent on loop sizeMetal
LP D-TEKInductiveDependent on loop sizeMetal
LRSMagnetoresistive5 ft.Ferrous metalyesyes
USVD-4XUltrasonic5 ft.Solid material
CS101Motion12 ft.Metal
VMD202Motion12 ft.Metal
HAWK 2Microwave Motion33 ft.Metal and solid material
RAVENMicrowave Motion23 ft.Metal and solid material
OWLMicrowave Motion and Infrared Presence21 ft.Metal and solid material

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