ISOM Cards

The ISOM RFID Cards offer a reliable and efficient method for personal identification and access control, tailored to a wide range of applications including staff identification, access to restricted areas, and event management. The card’s standardized dimensions and seamless integration with various RFID systems, alongside its durability and customizable graphics, provide a user-friendly, maintenance-free solution that enhances operational efficiency and security.

These robust devices deliver unmatched versatility, making them an ideal solution for a range of applications such as access control, staff identification, and event management.

Unleash Dual Functionality

Our ISOM cards incorporate two operating frequencies – one at 900MHz and another either at 125KHz or 13.4MHz. This dual functionality offers a significant advantage by providing compatibility with a range of RFID systems, making it an excellent choice for environments where both low and high-frequency access control systems are in operation.

Seamless Integration into Your RFID Ecosystem

The tres-900-ISO-G2PRX and tres-900-ISO-G2SMRT Combo Cards come with a multi-technology functionality that ensures seamless integration into your RFID ecosystem. Our tres-900-ISOM ISO card, with its generic Gen2 PVC structure, promises durability and a comfortable fit in any standard ID card holder.

ISOM Cards

  • tres-900-ISO-G2PRX ISO – Combo Card, Multi-Technology (900MHz/125KHz)
  • tres-900-ISO-G2SMRT ISO – Combo Card, Multi-Technology (900MHZ/13.4MHz)
  • tres-900-ISOM ISO – Graphics Gen2 PVC Card

Choose our ISOM cards for their multi-technology capabilities, durable structure, and compatibility with multiple systems. Enhance your access control solutions with the versatility of ISOM cards. Step into efficiency, step into the future of RFID.

Features of Our ISOM RFID Cards

  • Specifically designed for diverse applications such as access control, staff identification, and event management.
  • Engineered with dual-frequency functionality for compatibility with a range of RFID systems.
  • Standardized dimensions of credit card size to fit perfectly into wallets and card holders.
  • Customizable options with your own brand graphics or plain and subtle designs, aligning with your branding strategy.
  • Designed for compatibility with a range of RFID technologies, ensuring smooth integration and operations.
  • User-friendly design and maintenance-free operation enhances the user experience.
Our ISOM RFID Cards stand out for their:

  • Capacity to extend your brand visibility, courtesy of unique customization options.
  • Effortless usability with no requirement for batteries or complex installation procedures.
  • Durable and reliable, ensuring consistent performance and longevity.

The ISOM RFID Cards are more than just functional tools. They are a testament to your commitment to innovation and efficiency. Make a lasting impression with our ISOM RFID cards.

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