Windshield Tags

Our Windshield RFID Tags are meticulously designed to optimize vehicle identification and access control, ideal for diverse applications such as Automated Vehicle Identification, toll collection, and parking management. These maintenance-free tags, available in customizable dimensions and graphics, integrate seamlessly with various RFID technologies, promoting improved inventory management, operational efficiency, and security while withstanding environmental elements.

Step into the realm of seamless, efficient vehicle identification with our Windshield RFID tags. These state-of-the-art tags offer an excellent solution for gated communities, parking facilities, or any situation requiring automatic vehicle identification (AVI).

Our Windshield RFID Tags

  • tres-900-WS421-C – Custom Windshield Stickers (4.0×1.0in)
  • tres-900-WS421-Oval – Custom Oval Windshield Stickers (4.5×2.5in)
  • tres-900-Viper – Clear/Covert Windshield Sticker (4.75×0.625in)
  • tres-900-WS421-G – tres Logo Labeled Windshield Sticker (4.0×4.0in)
  • tres-900-WS421-W – Plain White Windshield Sticker (4.0×1.0in)

Design and Performance

Designed to sit subtly on a vehicle’s windshield, our tags are as discreet as they are reliable. Their seamless blend into the vehicle’s aesthetics makes them virtually unnoticeable, ensuring that functionality does not compromise the vehicle’s appearance.


Our Windshield RFID tags offer custom designs, allowing for an additional layer of personalization. From tags showcasing your company’s unique graphics to plain white stickers or our exclusive logo-labeled stickers, we cater to your specific needs.

Features of Our Windshield RFID Tags

  • Specifically designed for Automated Vehicle Identification (AVI), gated communities, toll collection, and parking management.
  • Engineered for seamless application on vehicle windshields, ensuring optimal positioning for scanning.
  • Available in various dimensions such as 4.0×1.0 inches and 4.75×0.625 inches, catering to different user preferences and applications.
  • Customizable options with your own brand graphics or plain and subtle designs, aligning with your branding strategy.
  • Designed for compatibility with a range of RFID technologies, ensuring smooth integration and operations.
  • User-friendly design and maintenance-free operation enhances the user experience.
Our Windshield RFID Tags stand out for their:

  • Capacity to extend your brand visibility on the road, courtesy of unique customization options.
  • Effortless usability with no requirement for batteries or complex installation procedures.
  • Durable and reliable, ensuring consistent performance and longevity.

The Windshield RFID Tags are more than just functional tools. They are a testament to your commitment to innovation and efficiency. Make a lasting impression with our Windshield RFID tags.

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