LRS: A Customizable Vehicle Access Control System

learn about the LRS for vehicle access control system success

The Loop Replacement System (LRS) is one the most flexible vehicle access control systems for installers. Let’s continue our exploration into why you should keep this customizable system stocked.

Below, we will go over the following aspects of this vehicle access control system:

  • What is the LRS?
  • Primary Benefits
  • Two Flexible Model Options
  • Continued Functionality Without a Control Module
  • Presence Retention After Power Down
  • How the LRS Benefits Your Installation Business

Get caught up: Learn why the LRS is the installer’s best friend when it comes to vehicle access control system solutions.

What is the LRS?

The Loop Replacement System is a magnetoresistive sensor, meaning it detects changes in the Earth’s magnetic field — i.e. vehicles entering and exiting a space. Designed with the installer in mind, the LRS can be installed above or below ground — making it ideal for a wide variety of installation scenarios in various environments ranging from commercial facilities to residential gate control.

Learn more about the LRS in this overview video.

A Quick Recap of the LRS’ Primary Benefits

If you’ve been looking for a solution to dirty, time-intensive, and energy-demanding installations where loops are already buried in a concrete pad or other surface, the LRS is too good to miss. Here’s a quick rundown of its advantages and advanced features:

  • It requires only one diagonal saw cut across the installation surface, meaning you don’t have to dig up the old loop — you can get started right away
  • It can ignore cross-traffic in tight spaces thanks to the DETECT-ON-STOP™ (DOS) feature
  • Its ULTRAMETER™ sensitivity display allows quick and easy setup, reducing installation time
  • It detects vehicles in three dimensions that can be configured independently, allowing you to shape the detection field to avoid cross-traffic and even gates and doors that might swing into the detection zone
  • It features an extremely robust housing with the latest upgraded cabling and firmware
  • The optional LRS-L logic controller extends the detection range by allowing for more than one sensor and six selectable settings

Let’s Dig Deeper into This Vehicle Access Control System

Availability in Two Flexible Model Options

The LRS is available in a flatpack or DB model. The DB version features a PVC housing while the flatpack has a custom-molded plastic housing. The DB is ideal for installations above ground because it is more easily attachable to surfaces using straps. The flatpack is ideal for single saw cut installations.

Continued Functionality Without a Control Module

The LRS sensor can operate independent of a control module after installation. Detection information can then be received directly through the LRS’ NPN output. This is just another way the LRS adds more flexibility to your installs.

Presence Retention After Power Down

In many cases, a loop that gets powered down won’t remember a vehicle that it has previously detected. When the loop gets powered back up, it’ll recalibrate with the vehicle still within the loop, leading to inaccurate readings and detection. The LRS, however, will still detect the vehicle on power-up because it retains ambient background information from its last power down. This can be a significant contributor to safety.

Download the LRS spec sheet for more technical information and details here.

How the LRS Benefits Your Installation Business

Clearly, the LRS is one of the most installer-friendly vehicle access control systems available on the market today. But its benefits extend well beyond its technical capabilities alone — it also benefits your business in numerous ways:

  • Drastically reduces time spent on new installations and service calls
  • Prevents call-backs thanks to easy configuration and adjustability
  • Prevents delayed jobs due to uncertainty around equipment already in place
  • Ensures you always have a vehicle detection solution on hand when you arrive
  • Rugged construction means longevity and fewer service calls to replace components
  • Single saw cut install helps prevent injury and reduces dust and dirt
  • Simple installation means customers’ surfaces are impacted minimally
  • Faster service for customers increases satisfaction and the likelihood of repeat work
  • Products are made in the USA, so any parts or service needs are handled faster

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