EMX introduces the CarSense 303, the latest in loop-less vehicle detection.

Save on labor and materials with this cost effective solution.

The CS303 is the perfect alternative to inductive loops!

Magnetoresistive Technology

  • Three-dimensional sensing components detect changes in the Earth’s magnetic field.
  • User has independent control over the X,Y and Z axes to eliminate undesired detections including gates and cross traffic.

Flexible, Cost Effective Installation

  • Loop-less design for easy above (or below) ground installations on posts, parking barriers, call boxes and the side of buildings.
  • Compact, fully encapsulated housing that is compatible with a wide variety of operators.

EMX Exclusive Features

  • Detect-On-Stop™ recognizes stopped AND moving vehicles for more accurate detection.
  • ULTRAMETER™ display provides fast and reliable sensitivity adjustments.

Single saw cut saves on labor & materials.

With the CarSense303, vehicle detection has never been so easy! Learn more.

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