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RFID access control is gaining popularity — and for good reason. Innovative RFID products offer swift security that can be tailored to meet your unique needs. These high-performing solutions are reliable and go beyond the competition in the capabilities they offer. Whether you need to secure your commercial property, better manage gated access, or enhance your operational efficiency, RFID access control solutions are vital assets.

At EMX, we constantly innovate our offerings so you can leverage the latest advancements in access control for your applications. Recently, we acquired Transponder and Reader Engineered Systems, INC. (TRES), a USA designer and manufacturer of RFID readers and tags for the access control market. We’re excited to add the advanced TRES RFID Passive reader and tag technology to our product portfolio and expand the ways we can serve the needs of our customers.

Read on to explore our innovative new products and learn how they can advance your access control capabilities. 

Our RFID Access Control Solutions

Our long-range RFID readers are ideal for a range of applications, from parking lots and buildings to perimeter security needs. These solutions offer streamlined long-range identification and authorization of vehicles and also help to ensure resident safety and better manage guest access in residential buildings and apartment complexes. For the workplace, they can strengthen the security and oversight of your operations, offering enhanced management for employee access and movement tracking. 

If you’re ready to level up your access control with RFID technology, review our solutions to see which might be best for your needs.

Patriot Readers

These powerful readers feature a broad operating frequency and high compatibility with many communication protocols, allowing them to seamlessly integrate into your operations. Their robust and reliable RFID functionality partners with their user-friendly features like LED indicators, built-in relays, and software-adjustable parameters so you can enjoy a better experience and achieve ultimate security. 

The Patriot Series includes:

  • Patriot MThis value long-range reader supports the Wiegand and RS232 communication protocols and offers a read range of 16’ – 20’.
  • Patriot LThis long-range model carries the same features as the Patriot M, but extends the read range to 18’ – 25’ and supports more communication protocols.
  • Patriot EWith an even wider range of communication protocols than models M and L, this advanced model is a high-performance long-range RFID reader with an exceptional read range of 18’ – 25’. 

Learn more about the RFID Patriot Readers and their unique features, including weather-resistant housing and flexible power supply voltage. Have a question about short-range options? Contact our team for information on the Patriot SR.

RFID Keypads and Readers

Engineered to optimize your access control system, these RFID keypads and readers are part of the TRES by EMX Pyramid Series. They represent the expertise and innovation of TRES and stand as a benchmark in electronic security for 125-kHz proximity readers, cards, and tags. These devices include both Proximity readers and keypads and the Mullion-Mount reader and keypad. Versatile in the surfaces they can be mounted on and the proximity card and tag technologies they support, these devices can integrate seamlessly into your environment. 

Our RFID keypads and readers include:

  • P-710-HA Proximity ReaderThis powerful device has a read range of 15 inches with a maintenance-free operation so you can count on enhanced efficiency and security without delay. 
  • P-500-HA Proximity ReaderSmaller and equipped with advanced features like MAXSecure, this reader has a reliable read range of up to 8 inches and requires no battery for operation.
  • P-300 Proximity ReaderWith a reliable read range of up to 5 inches, this compact model is discreet but durable and comes equipped with advanced features like MAXSecure. 

RFID Tags 

We offer an extensive collection of RFID tags to pair with your readers of choice. Whether you want to boost your brand visibility with custom windshield tags or take a more discreet approach with stealthy options, we have the RFID access control solution for you. The majority of our tags offer customization opportunities to align their aesthetics with your needs. 

Our ready-to-use tags are maintenance-free and battery-less for an enhanced experience. Our options include:

  • Windshield Tag – Designed to optimize vehicle identification and access control, these tags are placed on the windshield to facilitate seamless automatic vehicle identification. 
  • Hang Tags – This straightforward solution to vehicle identification comes ready to use and is designed to be unobtrusive while offering effortless identification. 
  • Custom Hang Tags – These tags can be customized with branded graphics, hang from rearview mirrors, and integrate with various RFID systems.
  • STEALTH Tag – Designed for challenging environments and the ability to be mounted on virtually any surface, this tag has an extended read range of 25-30 feet and data retention for up to 50 years. 
  • Viper Tag – This discreet, compact tag blends maximum security with maximum flexibility so you can enjoy a remarkable read range of 25-30 feet and tailor your placement to your precise needs.

Contact EMX for Innovative, Custom RFID Access Control Solutions Today

When you want to enhance your access control and security capabilities with custom RFID solutions, turn to our team. We offer a wide range of readers and tags to serve your needs and many of our options can be tailored to your specific requirements so they integrate flawlessly into your operations. 

Our mission is to provide industry-leading products that serve our customers’ access control needs and stay within budget, and we’re proud to have expanded that vision to include RFID access control solutions. Leverage these innovations for your facilities today and contact our team to discover your ideal solution.

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