The TRES-P-300 Proximity Reader showcases a harmonious balance between functionality and durability, thanks to its reliable performance and solid construction. It interfaces with a wide range of electronic access control systems and operates with 125-kHz Proximity RFID technology. This passive device requires no battery and offers a robust read range up to 5 inches, featuring advanced options such as MAXSecure™ and fleaPower™ for enhanced usability and security. Its compact, versatile design, suitable for mounting on various surfaces, along with its discreet and functional aesthetics make it adaptable to various settings. With dimensions of 1.7″W x 3.2″H x 0.7″D, it embodies efficiency and adaptability.


  • TRES-100-P-300-HA


This top-tier device integrates effortlessly with various electronic access systems, making it an essential part of your security. Built on trusted 125-kHz Proximity Technology, the TRES-P-300 offers versatility with support for multiple proximity card and tag technologies, further enhanced by user-friendly features like MAXSecure™ and fleaPower™ for your specific needs.


Features of Our TRES-P-300 Proximity Reader

  • Proven and reliable 125-kHz Proximity RFID technology
  • Compact and functional design: 1.7″W x 3.2″H x 0.7″D
  • Compatible with a wide range of electronic access control systems
  • Value-add features such as MAXSecure™ and fleaPower™
  • Supports several proximity card and tag technologies
  • Reliable read range up to 5 inches (126 mm)
The TRES-P-300 Proximity Reader stands out with its:

  • Versatile mounting options – adaptable to various surfaces including metal door and window frames
  • Passive devices, no battery required, reducing maintenance needs
  • Compliant with FCC, ICC, CE, C-Tick, UL Standard 294, and IP67 certifications

Its compatibility and reliability make the TRES-P-300 Proximity Reader a comprehensive solution for managing access control systems effectively and securely, enhancing your security operations.



RFID Type 125-kHz Proximity RFID
Operating Frequency 125 kHz
Dimensions 1.7″W x 3.2″H x 0.7″D (43 mm x 81 mm x 18 mm)
Read Range Up to 5 inches (126 mm)
Mounting Options Mullions, including metal door and window frames, and other surfaces
Weight 3 oz (85g)
Applications Electronic Access Control Systems
Power Supply +5 -16 VDC, 30 mA typical, 75 mA peak@ 12 VDC
Operating Temperature -40° F to 149° F (-40° C to +65° C)
Certifications FCC, ICC, CE, C-Tick, UL Standard 294, IP67
Technologies Supported TRES-P-300: Pyramid Series Proximity Cards and Tags, TRES-P-300-H: Pyramid+ certain HID 125-kHz Proximity protocols, TRES-P-300-A: Pyramid + certain AWID 125-kHz Proximity protocols, TRES-P-300-H-A: Pyramid+ certain HID Proximity protocols+ certain AWID 125-kHz Proximity protocols

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