Waterproof Proximity Card Reader/Keypad

  • Up to 2000 users by card
  • Up to eight user pass codes by keypad
  • Low energy consumption, ideal for solar applications
  • Built-in contact for doorbell annunciator
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PRX-320 System Overview

The PRX-320 stand-alone, waterproof proximity card reader/keypad is designed for outdoor use with automatic gates and doors.

This PRX-320 proximity reader features a waterproof housing, secure pass code programming and four door opening modes:

  • entering a four-digit pass code only
  • proximity card access only
  • proximity card plus four-digit pass code
  • using a proximity card or a four-digit pass code

Features of Our Waterproof Proximity Card Reader/Keypad

  • Fully weather proof
  • Programmable door lock settings
  • Read range of 5 inches
  • Versatile entry options
Power Requirements 12 VDC 500-800 mA
Power Consumption 90 mA standby / 110 mA activated
Relay Contact Rating 3A /12VDC
Power Indicator RED LED Bar on Constant
Key Confirmation Green LED On while key is depressed
Entry Confirmation Green LED Bar On for set time
Entry Denied Yellow LED flashing
Alarm condition Yellow LED constant
Read Range 5 inches
Access Up to 2000 users by card or 8 user pass codes

White polypropylene mounting plate
Reinforced access card

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