Breaking Down 5 RFID Tag Types — and How to Find Your Best Fit

rfid tag types

RFID is a powerful asset that allows for convenient, seamless identification and is ideal for applications within parking facilities, apartment units, and other environments that require easy identification of vehicles and personnel. As more companies invest in RFID readers and tags to level up their security and access control, we’ve designed a range of solutions to satisfy your needs and empower you with reliable performance and streamlined assessment.

At EMX, we offer a wide range of high-quality RFID tag types so our customers can discover the right solution for their application. Explore their benefits and our RFID tag types, and reach out to our team to find the best fit for your needs today.

Benefits of RFID Tag Types from EMX 

At EMX, we are committed to delivering advanced solutions for the access control needs of our customers. Each of our RFID tag types was designed to cater to a wide range of needs and provide fast and reliable identification and monitoring capabilities. They seamlessly integrate with our patriot readers and offer an impressive range and functionality.

Our tags boast quick lead times, ensuring you get the tools you need in your hands faster and put them to work in making a difference for your needs. Our tags are also highly reliable, offering exceptional performance that you can count on to continue serving your needs for years to come.

Exploring RFID Tag Types

We offer a wide array of RFID tag types, each of which delivers the same strong operating range and advanced capabilities. To determine the right product for your needs, consider where you want to mount it and what you want it to look like. We offer a variety of advanced RFID tag types to satisfy these needs, including:

Hang Tags 

Hang tags offer easy installation in seconds on rearview mirrors and operate seamlessly with a wide range of electronic access systems, including our PATRIOT readers. These tags are ready-to-use and battery-free and can be customized to your exact needs and aesthetic preferences. 

Highly practical for a diverse range of vehicle identification and inventory management applications, these tags are readily visible, yet non-obtrusive. They’re also user-friendly and designed with your needs in mind.

If you want to mount your tag on your rearview mirror and offer hassle-free application and flexible placement, consider our high-quality hang tags.

Windshield Tags 

Our windshield RFID tag types have been designed to optimize vehicle identification and access control efforts for diverse applications, including toll collection, parking management, and more. These tags are maintenance and battery-free and offer enhanced operational efficiency while withstanding environmental efforts. They were designed to sit on a vehicle’s windshield and blend into its aesthetics to make them unnoticeable and discrete. 

We also offer windshield RFID tags with custom designs which allow you to further showcase your company’s unique graphics and add a layer of personalization. They’re user-friendly and offer the ultimate durability and reliability, so you can count on their functionality to last.

If you want an RFID tag to mount on your vehicle and offer subtle aesthetics, yet powerful performance, consider our windshield RFID tags.


The EMX VIPER is a powerhouse of a device that offers maximum efficiency, flexibility, and reliability in one compact form. It remains a highly versatile solution to support a variety of identification applications and deliver enhanced security. For seamless access control in a stealthy and non-obtrusive tag, the VIPER stands out as a strong choice.

Its compact design has an adhesive backing, allowing for quick and easy installation. It can be mounted in either a vertical or horizontal orientation, depending on what best serves your needs. It also has clear tags and inlays, which ensure it remains sleek and unnoticeable. 

If you’re seeking a powerful RFID tag to be placed on the inside of your windshield, on your headlamp, or on a plastic side view mirror that offers superior performance and reliability, consider the VIPER.


The STEALTH tag was designed to tackle challenging environments and ensure high performance and convenience within a compact and durable tag. This tag is encased in plastic and optimized for mounting on metal surfaces. Instead of an adhesive backing, it offers two mounting holes that allow for an even more secure mechanical mount. 

It can be positioned horizontally or vertically to adapt to your requirements and its compact yet robust design pairs with its impressive range and flexibility to deliver a dependable, high-quality solution. It also offers data retention for up to 50 years. It’s user-friendly, easy to install, and battery-free, empowering you to get it up and running quickly and avoid the need for constant ongoing maintenance.

If you’re seeking a durable and versatile RFID tag optimized for mounting on metal surfaces and staying secure, turn to the EMX STEALTH tag. 

ISOM Cards 

In addition to vehicle identification solutions, we’ve created high-quality devices that are suited for a wide range of applications within personal access control, staff identification, and event management. Our ISOM RFID cards offer an efficient and effective way for staff and others to maintain the security of your building. These cards hold the standard dimensions of the credit card size and fit perfectly within wallets and cardholders to allow for easy access. 

They offer smooth integration and seamless operation and are highly functional tools that can level up your access control with ease. They are also incredibly user-friendly and maintenance-free, supporting your teams with tools they can truly rely on.

If you’re seeking RFID tag types that support personal identification in a compact and smart manner, turn to our ISOM cards.

Still Evaluating the Right RFID Tag Types? Order a Sample with EMX 

At EMX, we’re committed to providing our customers with innovative access control solutions, designed to fit your unique needs. We offer a wide array of high-quality RFID tag types that can be tailored to best suit your application. Whether you prefer a solution like hang tags that are easy to install and take off as needed, or you prefer a windshield RFID tag that offers the ultimate performance and seamless appearance, we’re here to help. 

Our products are known for their reliability and performance, and we’re proud to empower so many customers to discover the right products so they can level up to access control solutions. We offer a free sample pack that allows you to test out our products and determine which may be right for you. Reach out to our team today for a free sample and custom product recommendations based on your needs.

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