MON2 vs RET2: Choosing Your Ideal Universal Photoeye 

Universal photoeye

Achieving the ultimate level of access control relies on a high-quality monitoring method designed to deliver the reliability, flexibility, and performance you require. At EMX, we have designed a wide array of innovative photoeye solutions that provide premium entrapment protection for doors, gates, and barriers. Two solutions include the MON2 and RET2, which are both universal monitoring methods that can be used in monitored and non-monitored applications. UL325 compliant and capable of seamlessly integrating with a wide range of products, these photoeyes offer many advantages but differ from one another in a few key ways, including the way they operate. 

A thru beam photoeye like the MON2 consists of a two-piece unit with a separate transmitter and receiver that are mounted opposite of one another. The transmitter emits an infrared beam that the receiver detects, and the strength of this beam lends to its reliability. Though installation may take more time due to the multiple units, the investment in greater performance and reliability delivers a strong benefit. 

The RET2 is a retroreflective photoeye, combining the transmitter and receiver into a single unit with a separate reflector installed to bounce the infrared beam back to the receiver. It requires fewer cables, streamlines installation, and is ideal for smaller spaces, roadways, and entrances due to the lowered chance of interference. Though it has a smaller operating range than thru beam options, its convenience and flexibility are sought in many applications.

Read on to explore more about these quality photoeyes and how you can choose the right universal photoeye for your needs. 

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MON2: Reliable Thru Beam Universal Photoeye 

The IRB-MON2 is a monitored and weatherproof thru beam photoeye that innovates beyond its predecessor model to deliver more value and functionality. Its advanced features pair with a compact design, an integrated sensor hood for element protection, and a removable terminal block for streamlined wiring and installation. It offers four monitoring interfaces and has an operating range of up to 115 feet, or 35 meters. With a swift response time and high compatibility with many operators, this universal photoeye was designed with user needs and challenges in mind.

The solution is ideal for customers seeking a streamlined, universal photoeye that emphasizes reliability and performance. It’s available in a simplified kit that contains the transmitter, receiver, protective hood, and a removable lens sun shield. 

RET2: Flexible, Convenient Retroreflective Universal Photoeye 

The RET2 represents the latest innovation in our access control solutions, delivering seamless integration, increased functionality, and enhanced security within a sleek and compact design. Its easy alignment LED simplifies the installation process while its compliance with UL325 ensures a universal compatibility with a wide variety of monitored and unmonitored operators. It’s a flexible and versatile solution that goes beyond other retroreflective photoeyes in the convenience it supplies. It was also designed to be less obtrusive and more attractive within residential applications, which couples with its anti-vandalism mode, allowing the lights on your sensor to turn off for a more discreet appearance.

This solution is ideal for customers seeking a flexible and convenient retroreflective universal photoeye that delivers enhanced capabilities and reliable performance. For applications requiring multiple photoeyes, the RET2 is the ideal choice due to its limited interference or crosstalk. It comes in a convenient kit containing everything you need to get it operating swiftly. 

Find Your Ideal Photoeye with EMX 

At EMX, we’re dedicated to pairing our customers with the ideal innovative solution to address their access control challenges. We continuously upgrade and innovate our offerings to ensure our customers can leverage the latest technology on the market and reap the benefits of more reliable and flexible performance. Both of these photoeye options deliver the universal approach desired by many and represent strong choices for both thru beam and retroreflective entrapment protection.

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