Level Up Your Photoeye Sensor for Gate Monitoring with the IRB-RET2

photo eye sensor for gate

EMX is committed to continuous innovation of our equipment so our customers can leverage the latest technology in the industry to fulfill their access control demands. Our advanced IRB-RET2 photoeye sensor for gate monitoring combines the power of its predecessor model with key improvements, a sleeker design, and an even more user-friendly experience. This universal retroreflective photoeye sensor empowers users with more reliability and functionality, and its versatility enables installers to carry only one photoeye to get monitored and non-monitored applications up and running. 

Read on to learn more about this strategic photoeye sensor for gate monitoring, its key advantages, and how you can set up your equipment for success. 

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Exploring the Advanced IRB-RET2 Photoeye Sensor 

The RET2 advances beyond its predecessor models to address challenges previously experienced, from difficulty in alignment and installation to bulky aesthetics and limitations in housing. To combat these challenges, this photoeye was designed with the following key features:

  • Alignment LED – The light flashes to help users set up the equipment and understand when it’s powered on and properly aligned. This hassle-free process empowers you to get the equipment up and running without delay.
  • Integrated Sensor Hood – The built-in sensor hood delivers an integrated design and helps eliminate the need for additional parts. This provides a sleeker aesthetic and helps to streamline the set-up. 
  • Ball and Socket Bracket – This unique design delivers maximum flexibility so you can tailor your alignment and positioning needs to your unique application. The ball and socket bracket makes mounting and aligning your equipment easy and fast. 
  • More Monitoring Methods – This photoeye sensor is compatible with monitored and non-monitored systems. It supports six UL325 monitoring methods and offers enhanced adaptability to installers.
  • Greater Operating Range – With an operating range of 60 feet, this equipment nearly doubles the operating ranges of competing photoeye sensors. 
  • Optional Stealth Mode – Turn off all LEDs on your equipment to keep your sensors concealed without sacrificing functionality. 

Dive Deeper: Explore the key advantages of this equipment for your entrapment protection needs.

The Swiss Army Knife Photoeye for Gate Monitoring

Customers praise this product for its extreme versatility, functionality, reliability, and visual appeal.


This equipment serves as a single solution for a multitude of gate monitoring needs, capable of seamlessly integrating with a range of monitored and non-monitored systems. This flexibility enables installers to carry only the RET2 and remain prepared to set up a wide variety of projects for success. 


The RET2 goes beyond competitors with its enhanced operating range, offering up to 60 feet of flawless performance. This empowers users with greater flexibility in how the equipment can be set up, and it ensures they get the reliable performance required to keep gates secure. 


Count on this photoeye sensor for gate monitoring to continue serving your needs for years to come. It’s designed to limit failures and offer superior entrapment protection so you don’t need to make service calls to fix it and deal with frequent issues that hinder its performance. 

Visual Appeal   

This equipment was designed with aesthetics in mind. Keep gate areas more visually appealing when you choose the RET2, with its sleeker sensor hood and innovative ball and socket bracket. Its refined design prevents it from being an eyesore and allows you to mount it more flexibly so you can place it precisely where you want. 

Level Up Your Photoeye Sensor for Gate Monitoring with EMX Today

When you’re ready to leverage the innovations of the IRB-RET2 for your gate monitoring needs, turn to our team. We’ve created an easy-to-install solution for gate monitoring that equips you with the flexibility and user-friendliness you need to prepare your project for success. Mount it where you want and set it up with ease when you use the alignment LEDs, then adjust it as needed to ensure the perfect fit. With its expansive operating range and reliable performance, you can count on greater functionality for your gate monitoring needs so you can ensure the ultimate entrapment protection. 

Ready to see if this equipment is right for your needs? Contact our team to learn more about leveraging this innovative photoeye sensor for gate monitoring today. 

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