Empower Your Operations with a Winning Wireless Gate Sensor

Empower Your Operations with a Winning Wireless Gate Sensor

Wireless edge links have revolutionized the process of interfacing sensing edges with gate and door operators, and their advancements deliver a streamlined solution that offers greater usability, performance, and aesthetic appeal. Dated technology requires wires to run throughout a property to connect a safety edge and operator control box, which can create trip hazards and a distracting appearance. With wireless edge link products like the WEL-200 wireless gate sensor, you can enjoy a more reliable and secure solution that meets the demands of your gate operation requirements with ease. 

The WEL-200 is the leading wireless edge link solution known for its customizability, streamlined installation, and user-friendly startup. Whether you’re a first-time user desiring a plug-and-play product or you want to finetune your equipment to match complex requirements, the WEL-200 is the ideal choice. Read on to learn more about what makes this equipment stand out and how you can leverage it to level up your gate monitoring operations. 

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Exploring the WEL-200 Wireless Gate Sensor 

The WEL-200 has revolutionized wireless edge link communications and serves as a user-friendly solution with enhanced reliability and performance. With an operating range of up to 200 ft and the ability to connect up to four safety edge transmitters, it offers the capabilities many applications demand but remains more cost-effective than competitors. It also helps users save on installation costs due to the lack of wires, and its wireless functionality makes it more reliable and durable than other choices on the market. 

Its swift response time paired with its 915 MHz operating frequency empowers it to handle your gate operation needs with ease. The WEL-200 was designed with the user in mind, ensuring compliance with 2018 UL325 monitoring standards while solving the challenges of its predecessors. When you’re ready to advance your gate monitoring operations, choose the WEL-200 and experience the advantages outlined below. 

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The Better Wireless Edge Link Solution

The WEL-200 soars beyond the competition, including outdated wired solutions and other wireless products on the market. Its expansive capabilities, unique off-the-shelf battery options, and universal compatibility make it the ideal choice for wireless gate sensor needs.

Automatic Channel Sniffing

Setting up this equipment is made simple with its advanced automatic channel sniffing capabilities. During start-up, the equipment will automatically sniff the local radio frequency to find the cleanest frequency to operate on. Users can then make manual adjustments as needed to further finetune the designation channel, or they can reach out to EMX for more support and further finetuning. This enhanced flexibility and customization enables users to get started faster and tailor their equipment to precise specifications. 

Off-the-Shelf Battery Solution

Some competitors use expensive, difficult-to-find batteries, leaving users with few choices in keeping their equipment up and running. At EMX, we took the time to test every battery on the market to find the best off-the-shelf battery manufacturer and voltage. This effort enables our customers to easily replace batteries when needed and ensures that our wireless edge links stay operating flawlessly for as long as possible when using our recommended battery. On only two Energizer AA lithium batteries (provided with the unit), it will operate for up to two years before needing a new pair. 

Universal Compatibility 

The WEL-200 was designed to be compatible with both 8.2K and 10K monitored safety edges, allowing customers to partner it with their equipment and trust it will perform properly. This also enables it to be more flexible so you can customize your wireless gate sensor to your precise requirements. This universal compatibility combines with its streamlined installation to create the best user experience possible when following these steps:

  • Place the receiver outside of the operating house, not within it
  • Ensure the metal antenna on the equipment is at least 1-1.5 inches away from any metal
  • Keep a clean line of sight between your receiver and transmitter

Following these simple steps will ensure your equipment is set up for success. Below, review a diagram of our solution in action — and learn what key mistake to avoid in order to achieve the best outcome.

Set it Up for Success: Explore more WEL-200 best practices to follow.

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At EMX, we’re committed to solving the access control needs of our customers with high-quality solutions. We continuously innovate and improve our products, and our WEL-200 represents the power of our upgrades and extensive engineering resources. Our customers celebrate it as the best-performing wireless sensor for gates on the market, and we’re here to help you leverage it to make gate monitoring more reliable, efficient, and tailored to your unique needs. 

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