EMX Patriot-E Reader: Achieve More with this Advanced Long-Range UHF RFID Reader

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RFID continues to soar in popularity as organizations across every industry heighten their security measures to protect their facilities. From hospitals to apartment complexes to offices and more, each unique space benefits from the seamless access control that RFID can provide. When you require a long-range UHF RFID reader with significant operating capacity and superior performance, turn to the EMX Patriot-E. This reliable equipment is uniquely made in the USA and delivers advanced functionality for your access control needs.

Read on to learn more about Patriot-E and how you can leverage it to enjoy enhanced RFID access control.

Patriot-E: Expert Long-Range UHF RFID

The Patriot-E is a long-range RFID reader designed to deliver more value and functionality to users. With a maximum range of 18 to 25 feet, it’s equipped to deliver flawless performance within the operating range you require. Its circular polarized antenna offers enhanced performance and was created with your needs in mind, providing an audible beep when a tag is read and a bright blue LED to indicate a valid credential. Both features are customizable so you can keep them on or shut them off depending on your unique preferences. 

It’s also designed to be more forgiving with tag orientation, making it more user-friendly and versatile. Though vertical orientation is still the prime choice, its circular polarized antenna enables superior flexibility and goes beyond the more limited linear polarization offered by most readers. Its standalone tag filtering mode also allows users to operate it without a controller, and its RS-232 interface enables custom configuration. 

This equipment can be tailored to your needs and put into action without delay thanks to its streamlined kit, containing the reader, power supply, mounting bracket, and test tag you require to get started. 

Why Users Love the Long-Range UHF RFID Patriot-E Reader

This long-range UHF RFID reader is a popular piece of equipment for users seeking advanced access control solutions that leverage the latest technology to deliver superior protection.


Achieving optimal access control requires an RFID reader that offers the capabilities and functionality you demand. This equipment is highly customizable and provides an extensive array of capabilities that empower you to operate your RFID reader based on your unique needs. Its reliable read range, Wiegand output, and unique circular polarized antenna allow users to do more with their equipment and enjoy enhanced flexibility in how tags must be oriented.


Reliability is key to ensuring that your RFID reader will support your needs when you integrate it into your system. This equipment is known for its prime performance level and low maintenance nature. With the Patriot-E, you don’t have to worry about your access control suffering with a reader that requires constant maintenance. The reliable Patriot comes in a streamlined kit so you can get it up and running without delay and trust it to continue serving your needs long after installation.

Made in the United States

The Patriot-E is 100% made in the USA. While some others on the market are assembled within the United States, this equipment is produced and assembled entirely domestically. The Patriot is the perfect choice for businesses that want to rely on domestic technology and support a United States business to serve their access control needs.


This equipment was built to last. With high-quality materials, a durable mounting bracket, and a flexible power supply, it delivers the durability and reliability necessary to perform well indoors and outdoors in temperatures from -20°C to +70°C. It was also designed to grow with the needs of a user. Whether you have one entry that requires monitoring and needs to integrate with only a handful of RFID tags, or you have a larger-scale area to monitor with multiple access control and security products, this equipment is an ideal match. It also has an Open Supervised Device Protocol, or OSDP, to ensure proper interoperability with every piece of your security system. 

Stand-Alone Feature

The Patriot’s flexibility extends to its standalone tag filtering mode. It can store up to 500 authorized tag numbers without a door controller, making it an ideal match for applications with one to two entrances that don’t utilize a total control system. If you still want to integrate your operations with RFID for its ease and convenience, but don’t want to operate a complete control set-up, choose the Patriot for maximum performance in a unique stand-alone system.

Level Up Your Access Control With a Top Long-Range UHF RFID Reader Today

At EMX, we’re dedicated to equipping our customers with the equipment and technology they need to develop a reliable and comprehensive access control system tailored to their needs. Our Patriot-E is a leading long-range UHF RFID reader that empowers users with reliable RFID technology that can be used for large-scale access control monitoring needs or as a standalone system with an impressive memory of up to 500 tag numbers. This equipment is known for its flexibility, functionality, and longevity, and it’s a powerful partner for your access control needs.

We’ve supported customers with access control for offices, hospitals, boat launches, and much more. With each unique application, we’ve helped clients discover their ideal access control solutions and ensured they could get their new systems up and running with ease. Our high-quality Patriot-E provides everything you need to address your access control needs with swift and accurate RFID technology, and it’s designed to fit your needs and grow with you flexibly. 

When you’re ready to level up your access control with a leading solution, contact our team to explore your needs. 

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