Tailor Your Security Settings with the KPX-100 Programmable Security Keypad

programmable security keypad

A programmable security keypad is a powerful asset for access control systems. They can be installed in high-traffic environments to ensure 24/7 security based on the settings you require, and the right solution can even be tailored with single and multi-use codes to offer enhanced control. The KPX-100 represents a reliable yet innovative programmable keypad that empowers users to level up their security and customize it to their precise requirements — and it can even accommodate shifting requirements due to its flexible capabilities. 

Learn more about this high-quality and high-speed keypad and how you can leverage it to boost your building’s security. 

The KPX-100: Flexibility Meets Functionality 

This programmable keypad has a dual relay output and programmable keyboard designed to handle high traffic and harsh environments with ease. Its durable buttons are stainless steel and backlit, which couples with a rugged metal housing to ensure the equipment is in its best condition indoors and outdoors. Because it meets the IP66 standards of weather resistance, it’s designed to last rain or shine.

This keypad can fit on a variety of surfaces, from gooseneck mounts to posts, walls, and more. Its universal flexibility ensures you can integrate it with your security system wherever works best for your needs. This makes it easier to mount and pairs with its streamlined set-up and status indicator LEDs to offer an easier user experience to get it up and running. You can also use its open latch feature and access it easily with the provided security hex bit as needed.

The KPX-100 is also flexible in how it can be programmed due to its dual relay output. If you have some personnel who require constant building access, and others who need more specific access restricted to certain times, you can use the two relays to tailor the access granted to each user. This allows you to precisely tailor your system to the needs of your organization without compromising security or functionality. 

Making Your Programmable Security Keypad Work for You

The KPX-100 was designed to mold to your unique access control needs, and a wide array of its capabilities can be tailored to best serve your space.

  • Backlit Keypad — Customers appreciate that this keypad is backlit instead of lit from above, which allows for better visibility in low-light conditions. Tailor it to operate at all times, set it to standby mode, or turn it off completely depending on what works best for your space.
  • Indoor or Outdoor — Need to use the keypad outside? No problem — its durable housing is weather-resistant and vandal-resistant, thanks to the alarms and lockout that activate when someone is attempting to force open a gate or take the unit apart. Want to use it indoors instead? Its sleek and plain design prevents it from being an eyesore in your environment.
  • Mounting — Mount your keypad exactly where you need it. The universal housing allows for high compatibility with a variety of surfaces and structures. 
  • Access Levels — The two relays allow you to set different levels of access for different groups. You can even set it to allow single-use codes that deactivate after use. 
  • Number of Users — You can use this dual-relay programmable security keypad to tailor access for the precise number you require. Each relay output can be programmed with up to 100 users, allowing you to use it for only a handful of users or many.
  • Code Digits — Whether you want to use 4-digit codes or increase to 8-digit codes for extra security, this equipment offers up to 100 million unique codes. 
  • Number of Keypads — If you require a single keypad or need multiple to spread across your facility, this keypad is a prime choice. It’s priced competitively so you can save money without sacrificing quality.

Achieve Cost-Effective, High-Quality Access Control with Our Programmable Security Pad

The KPX-100 offers extensive capabilities that can be tailored to your unique needs, yet it’s a cost-effective choice compared to other less advanced options on the market. Its precision and advanced functionality make it a go-to choice for installers and facility managers seeking the ultimate performance at a cost-competitive price. Whether you’re seeking a smarter security solution for warehouses, industrial facilities, offices, or another environment, this keypad was engineered with everything needed to operate flawlessly for its designated environment. 

The best access control system can be customized to the needs of its users. This reliable, innovative choice is a leading keypad due to its advanced flexibility and customization opportunities. Keep buildings secure with the access allowances you need when you choose the KPX-100 programmable security pad with EMX.

Ready to level up your access control? Talk to our team about your needs and learn how you can leverage this equipment and more to empower your monitoring.

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