Reliable, Rapid Detection: Choosing the Right Vehicle Detector Sensor

vehicle detector sensor

Reliable vehicle detectors are essential for sensing the presence of vehicles and providing an output signal to a control unit like a gate operator to activate the controller. They are also vital for preventing gates or doors from closing on a vehicle when detected. This equipment is used across many applications, from office parking lots to apartment units and other spaces with frequent vehicle exits and entrances. It’s also necessary for car washes, which require specialized designs that can withstand the water without affecting performance. Hence, a swift and accurate vehicle detector sensor tailored to the needs of its designated environment is key.

At EMX, we offer a diverse array of vehicle detection solutions that are equipped to deliver reliable performance with a streamlined setup. Our impressive range ensures that you can find the right equipment for every application, and you can count on our strong supply chain and domestic manufacturing to ensure you receive your solutions faster and get them up and running with ease. With an array of connection options, loops, and loop detectors, we’re the go-to partner for total vehicle detection.

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Exploring EMX Vehicle Detector Sensor Options


This multi-voltage vehicle detector empowers you to do more with one piece of equipment. Stock your truck with this single solution and reduce inventory costs with the universal voltage MVP D-TEK. With a multi-voltage power of 12 to 240 VAC/DC, the ability to operate in both fail-safe and -secure modes, and 10 sensitivity settings, this vehicle detector sensor was designed to do more to serve your needs. It has an 11-pin connection method and automatic tracking and tuning to ensure greater reliability when in use. With this 11-pin connection method, you can also further tailor your set-up and leverage the HAR-11, a 3-foot harness, or the LD-11, a wide-profile socket base for an 11-pin DIN rail mount connection.

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ULT-MVP 1 and 2

This small but powerful vehicle loop detector is available in single or dual channel units and it allows you to better ignore cross traffic in tight spaces with the innovative and exclusive-to-EMX DETECT-ON-STOP feature. It’s easy to install and set up, offering a display for sensitivity settings and an automatic sensitivity boost. It also has an 11-pin connection capability. With four operating frequencies, an input range of 12VDC to 240VDC, and single or dual-channel unit offerings, the ULT-MVP offers powerful and versatile performance in a single compact unit.

Learn more about the Swiss Army knife of vehicle detection solutions and how to leverage its advanced features for your needs.


The ULTRA-DIN is compact and highly capable, delivering the full-featured functionality that you demand in a DIN rail mount module. It features DOS technology so you can ignore cross traffic in tight spaces, detecting only when a vehicle has come to a complete stop. It’s a highly adjustable piece of equipment offering four operating frequencies, ten sensitivity settings, and an ULTRAMETER digital display that allows for the sensitive settings to avoid crosstalk interference. With this solution, you can enjoy heightened performance and functionality in a smaller form, complete with a 12-screw terminal connection method.

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This unique vehicle loop detector is competitive in cost, highly compatible with a diverse range of operators, and ideal for those seeking full-featured functionality in a convenient plug-in module. It’s seamless to install and set up to your liking and complete with ten sensitivity settings for fine adjustments. It also comes equipped with an ULTRAMETER sensitivity display for easier monitoring and management. With its DOS technology, low current draw, and strong 10-pin connection comparability, this equipment is versatile and powerful in its ability to meet your needs.

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This easy-to-install vehicle loop detector comes with the same impressive ten sensitivity settings and four frequency selections as the rest of the line-up but advances past similar models with its energy-efficient compact design and detachable 7-pin terminal block. This versatile design also results in greater space efficiency within a cost-competitive style and allows the solution to be implemented where it best suits you. With a delay output to indicate vehicle presence or pulse on entry and a smart fail-safe design in the event of a loop failure or power loss, this selection provides reliable performance in a user-friendly and compact design.

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Are you seeking a vehicle detector sensor compatible with solar applications? This choice is ideal. With its low power consumption and 9 mA current draw, it’s a perfect match for projects using solar energy or with gate and door operators with multiple accessories drawing from the same power supply. With two relays, durable aluminum RF shield housing, a frequency counter, and an 11-pin connection, it was designed to deliver the functionality you demand in a convenient low power consumption model.

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Find the Right Vehicle Detection Solution with EMX at Your Side

At EMX, we’re dedicated to producing powerful solutions to address the needs of our customers. Our advanced vehicle detection solutions provide rapid and reliable performance in the versatile styles you require. Whether you’re seeking a plug-in style detector, a traditional choice with 11-pin compatibility, or an option that promotes energy efficiency without compromising quality, we have the loops and loop detectors for you. We even offer specialized solutions designed with the needs of car washes in mind, including the SP-24 loops produced using waterproof materials.

Our products employ trusted, innovative technology to provide the best results for our customers, and we work with you directly to understand your needs and ensure we find the best match based on your budget, environment, and priorities. When you’re ready to streamline your vehicle detection with a better solution, we’re here to help. Check out our vehicle detection selection guide to learn more about our products and talk to us today to explore your needs with an expert and find the best fit.

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