Ultimate RFID Access Control Software: Combining the EMX Patriot with the Defender

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As RFID access control solutions continue to gain interest and implementation across more organizations, it’s important to approach your integration strategically. There are a range of powerful RFID readers on the market, and the EMX Patriot stands out among them for its versatility and performance. Though it can be used as a standalone equipment, it’s even more powerful when combined with the Defender, a door controller offering 4-relay output to control four separate access points. Combining these solutions enables you to do more with your access control and leverage a total solution for enhanced oversight and security. 

Read on to learn more about this RFID security pairing and how you can level up your security with our solutions on your side. 

Total Package: Breaking Down the Best RFID Access Control Software and Equipment

Exploring the EMX Patriot Reader

The EMX Patriot series offers long-range UHF RFID reading capabilities through circularly polarized equipment designed to deliver long-lasting performance and blend in seamlessly with your environment. They boast an impressive range of 18-25 ft and meet RS232, RS485, and OSDP standards. With a variable 9 to 48VDC input voltage and the ability to support multiple Wiegand bit formats, it’s designed to be tailored to your system and requirements. 

Designed for plug-and-play installation, it comes with a reader, power supply, mounting bracket, and a test tag. Simplify set-up and prepare your system for success with its easy-to-read LED indicator and adjustable levels, allowing you to control the LED timing, buzzer settings, and relay output.

The Patriot can store up to 500 authorized tag numbers in the reader itself for access control without a door controller, which amplifies its value and versatility. It’s compatible with all EMX RFID credentials, while also providing some functionality for generic EPC UHF Gen2 tags. This unique solution is capable of delivering strong standalone performance, but its capabilities are expanded when paired with the Defender. 

Exploring the EMX Defender 

The TRES Defender dual relay access controller pairs with the Patriot reader to deliver full-scale functionality. It offers a streamlined solution for access management and can handle up to 20,000 users with an audit trail that allows you greater oversight into what’s happening with each vehicle or pedestrian gate. It can also simultaneously manage multiple gates and still allow for a seamless and safe flow of traffic. Four doors can be read and controlled at once, making it the perfect choice for apartment buildings, office complexes, and other high-usage areas with multiple access points. 

The Defender carries a compact design and comes compatible with standard protocols so you can feel confident it will fit into your environment and system. It also integrates with modern networks and delivers reliable performance with a diverse range of customization opportunities to tailor it to exactly what you need. It comes in two styles — a PCB model and another kit option that comes with everything you need for a complete solution.

When you want to level up your oversight and control within your facility’s security, turn to the Defender to advance your RFID reader’s capabilities and expand what you can do.

Advantages of Pairing these RFID Access Control Software Solutions 

Achieve Remote Access 

If you use this database software on a Windows PC and connect the Defender with an internet connection, you can remotely access and control your system. This lets you add credentials, specify limited-time access codes, and oversee what’s happening from anywhere at any time. Achieve 24/7 security with this system’s remote access.

Capture an Audit Trail 

This system allows you to capture and track the past 100,000 events so you know who came and who left your facility. With the Patriot + Defender pairing, you can count on having this data in the background, collecting automatically, should you ever need to revisit it. Get the visibility you need with the system that does more — talk to our team about this feature and how it can serve you today. 

Enhance the Value of Your Purchase

With these two solutions combined, you maximize the potential of each piece of equipment. The Patriot delivers reliable long-range reader functionality and offers improved versatility and performance. When you opt to use it with the Defender instead of the standalone option, you amplify its capabilities and equip yourself with better oversight and control. Keep your facility secure and streamline the management and monitoring process with this powerful combination on your side. 

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