This Universal Photoeye Cuts Project Time and Costs

You’ve Been Here Before…

You get to a job site for an installation or service call only to find that you don’t have all of the right equipment to complete the work. You have to go back to your shop to find an alternative (or even order the equipment), and your customer is delayed that much more. Clearly, it’s not a great situation to be in.

Whether you’re using a thru-beam configuration or the more consolidated retroreflective style, what’s needed in these scenarios is a universal photoeye. Here, we’ll be exploring the retroreflective photoeye configuration. 

  • A quick refresher on retroreflective photoeyes: This type of photoeye combines a transmitter and receiver in a single unit, with a reflector mounted separately. The transmitter sends a beam to the reflector, and the beam is sent back to the receiver. When that beam is blocked, the photoeye signals the operator to stop an action, such as a door or gate opening or closing. Learn more about the differences between this type of photoeye and the thru-beam style here.

While there are a variety of universal photoeye options available for installers to choose from, only the IRB-RET universal retroreflective photoeye from EMX Access Controls combines everything you need into a single kit — with added benefits thanks to stronger performance. Let’s dig into the IRB-RET a bit more.

Why Use the IRB-RET as Your Universal Photoeye Solution?

1. Universal Configuration

There are a number of factors that have to be considered when selecting a universal photoeye. First and foremost is whether that photoeye will interact with the many types of gate operators active in the market right now. Different operating methods typically require a specific photoeye solution, but the IRB-RET works with all operating methods — normally closed, two-wire pulse (2 and 3 frequency), four-wire pulse (2 and 3 frequency), and 10k resistive termination. This broad compatibility ensures that wherever you’re working, you won’t run into issues between the operator and IRB-RET. And its wireless design makes it fast and easy to install versus other options.

2. Complete Kit

Many universal photoeye manufacturers provide the photoeye and the various components needed to properly install it separately. This means you have to know what you’re getting into upfront, or buy multiple components to ensure you have enough stock on hand (which adds more complexity in having multiple part numbers to manage). With the IRB-RET, everything is provided as a single kit. You receive:

  • The photoeye itself plus a black-powder-coated snap-on protective hood
  • The reflector plus a gray plastic protective hood
  • A steel L bracket with mounting hardware
  • An optional powder-coated steel bollard is also available

3. Best-in-Class Performance

The IRB-RET’s ease of installation and complete kit availability are just the beginning: this universal photoeye is also the best available on the market today. Here’s why:

  • 10x Gain — Very few photoeyes today have this much strength. This allows you to fine-tune alignment during installation and increase the chance of staying in alignment, ultimately providing the customer greater assurance behind the install.
  • 60-Foot Range — The IRB-RET is not only compatible with a broader set of gate operators but is also more flexible based on the space you’re working with. Its 60-foot maximum range far outreaches competitors’ products that typically have a maximum range of 30 to 40 feet.
  • Durability — The IRB-RET’s protective equipment and NEMA 4x enclosure make it ideal for a variety of environments, including making it more resistant to harsh outdoor conditions. Whether for indoor or outdoor use, the IRB-RET will perform reliably for your customers for years to come.
  • Download the IRB-RET spec sheet for complete details and information.

Cut Project Time and Costs with EMX Industries Universal Photoeye Solutions

From reducing, and streamlining, your access control product inventory to simplifying installation times and reducing the number of callbacks you receive, everything we offer at EMX Access Controls is designed with the installer in mind. Our products provide greater flexibility so you can get your work done faster, more reliably, and even more affordably. 

If you’re tired of frequent service calls and installation hassles, get in touch with our team today. We’ll discuss your service offerings, the environments you typically work in, and the products you’ve been using to provide you with a more streamlined, elegant solution — whether it’s the IRB-RET retroreflective universal photoeye or any of our other access control solutions. We look forward to making your life and work easier!

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