RET2 Retroreflective Photoeye: Introducing the Newest EMX Photoeye

At EMX Access Control, we’re committed to continuously improving our products and offering innovative solutions to best address your unique needs. We’re excited to announce the launch of our newest EMX photoeye, the RET2 retroreflective photoeye. Read on to explore our breakdown of common problems with previous photoeyes, how our latest addition solves them, and the unique advantages it offers.

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Common Problems with Previous Photoeyes

Users of older models of retroreflective photoeyes can experience a variety of common problems.

Difficult Alignment

Retroreflective photoeyes can be difficult to align, which is especially true for older models that often lack indicators to communicate whether you’ve reached proper alignment with your equipment. When photoeyes aren’t well aligned or they’re aligned on an edge instead of in the center, weather and other natural effects can easily knock them out of alignment, requiring repeated adjustments and service calls on your part.

Housing Limitations

When housing an older photoeye model, users often struggle with how they can position or align the photoeye housing in order to suit their needs. The construction of the housing on older models hinders users from adjusting their equipment in certain directions and requires you to completely reset the housing if you want it to aim upward.

Environmental Immunity and Vandalism

Older models of retroreflective photoeyes often lack innovative features to combat environmental impacts like rain and sun glare, as well as anti-vandalism considerations that reduce the risk of the equipment being stolen or tampered with. 


For residential gates and other popular applications, a bulky, noticeable sensor can become an eyesore. Older models may offer less sleek designs and their components may not match in color, which can cause the sensor to stand out.

Installation Challenges

Older models of photoeyes offer less streamlined installation capabilities, and the added difficulty can cost both time and money during the installation process. This also means that should you later decide to move your photoeye to a new location, the process to reset the housing and install the equipment elsewhere becomes more tedious.

Advantages of the RET2 — the Newest EMX Photoeye

We’ve developed our latest photoeye with those common challenges in mind, and the advances we’ve made make the RET2 uniquely suited to deliver an even better experience from start to finish. 

Alignment Indicator

We’ve included an alignment indicator on the RET2 that will quickly and reliably relay to you the status of your alignment. When the indicator light is solid, you’re well aligned. When it blinks, the equipment is misaligned. The RET2 can also tell you whether you’re aligned in the center or on an edge, ensuring you’re perfectly aligned from the start.

Easier Optimization: Explore our Haush Method, developed to obtain easier, better placement and alignment of our retroreflective photoeye.

Complete Alignment Freedom

We’ve added a ball joint to the mechanical housing to empower you to move your equipment more freely. You can move it in all directions, including up and down, without the need to reset the housing with each change. This complete freedom of the alignment directions lets you perfectly tailor your application to your unique needs.

Integrated Hood Design

We’ve developed our enclosure to be more compact and sleek than previous models. We’ve also ensured both the RET2 enclosure and mounting bracket are black, helping them to match and blend in more easily. The RET2 offers an aesthetically pleasing appearance that allows it to be used in both industrial applications and residential.

Enhanced Environmental Immunity

We’ve constructed the newest EMX photoeye to have increased environmental immunity. It continues with smooth operations in the rain and isn’t hindered by sunlight reflection and glare. 

Stealth Mode

Our latest model includes an innovative stealth mode that turns off LEDs when not in use. This helps to reduce vandalism and even offers minor energy-saving benefits. 

Streamlined Installation

We’ve streamlined the installation process of the RET2 with the ½-inch screw-in conduit on the bottom of the equipment, which is even easier to install than the previous ¾-inch. We’ve also removed the jumpers for the dip switches and included detachable terminable blocks, which makes installation even easier in the field.

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At EMX, we’re committed to delivering innovative access control solutions that meet your needs. With the newest EMX photoeye, we’ve tailored and expanded its features to address common pain points we see our customers facing with other older models. In doing so, we’ve created RET2, which is easier to install and align and offers aesthetic, environmental immunity, and anti-vandalism benefits.

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