EMX CellOpener-365: The Ultimate Solution for Large-Scale Access Control Systems

Monitoring what individuals have access to your facilities is of top importance in apartments, schools, workplaces, and many other facilities. For large facilities with a high volume of users or specialized access control requirements, many access control systems lack the capabilities and customization options to meet your needs. This can lead to poor performance, frustrating accessibility issues, and security concerns. 

For large-scale access control systems, the EMX CellOpener-365 addresses commonly expressed pain points and innovates upon its predecessors in order to better serve you and your needs.

Common Pain Points for Large-Scale Access Control Systems 

Inflexible Access Control Options for Large User Bases

Managing large user bases can be complicated or impossible in traditional access control systems. They aren’t built to handle the seamless management of multi-thousand users, and they cannot accommodate your needs with the flexibility necessary to function as desired. 

Limited Customization for User Groups and Access Times

When you have a large user base and require unique control options to reflect your needs, many standard large-scale access control systems lack the customization and consideration to serve you. This leaves you struggling to develop a functional system that meets your access control needs. If your users require unique grouping and access times, traditional systems too often fail you.

Inefficient Management of Multiple Access Points

Many applications of large-scale access control systems require the management of multiple access points, but not every system is capable of meeting your demands. This leads to slowed processes and frustrating user experiences for all interacting with your systems.

Time-Consuming Updates and Configuration

Many standard large-scale access control systems are time-consuming and inefficient to consider, not built with ease of implementation in mind. After a lengthy installation process, users may endure updates that stretch on and lack user-friendliness. 

Inability to Remotely Manage and Monitor

The ability to remotely manage and monitor your access control systems is not possible for some large-scale access control systems, severely hindering your ease of use and capabilities. For many, easily managing and monitoring their systems is a requirement for their applications, and choosing inefficient, limiting access control systems prevents you from doing so. 

How the EMX CellOpener-365 Empowers Your Access Control

Designed with your needs in mind, the EMX CellOpener-365 is built for simple installation and seamless operation that delivers advanced capabilities without slowing down your operations. Achieve more from the CellOpener-365 without spending extra money or time getting it up and running. 

We developed our innovative, comprehensive access control system with the flaws of other models in mind, and we seek to solve your access control pain points with a high-quality system that truly addresses your needs. Among the key benefits offered by our system include:

Effortless Management of up to 2,000 Users

When your applications require thousands of users, our advanced access control system is ready to support you without slowing down. Manage up to 2,000 users with ease when you choose the EMX CellOpener-365. Don’t settle for slow, limiting access control systems — choose the system ready to work for your unique needs and user management needs.

Customizable Access Times

If you require varying access times for different user groups, the CellOpener-365 provides the customization capabilities to make it happen. When your needs change and special events or holidays arise, you can easily adjust the control system to reflect your new access requirements. We also program the current date and time into the system so you never have to worry about making adjustments for daylight savings time.

Remote Control and Configuration From Your Phone

Our advanced technology can be controlled from your mobile phone, delivering maximum security and complete access control in your pocket. This system uses a GSM SIM card that activates upon installation and allows for the opening of the gate with a call from any phone.

Simple Installation, User-Friendly Operation

All programming of our system occurs using simple SMS text commands, allowing for remote monitoring and management with ease. After a speedy installation and the activation of your SIM card, enjoy streamlined operations that make life easier for the maintenance, security, and HR staff that must enable and disable an individual’s access to your building.

Enhanced Security

Our tailored access control solutions empower you with better security control. Keeping the access to your building limited to only the individuals who require it is of top importance, and our reliable, advanced systems keep you in control at all times. Enjoy a safer building with easier access control when you choose the EMX CellOpener-365 for your access control system.

Contact EMX to Advance Your Large-Scale Access Control Systems with Proven Solutions

At EMX, we’re passionate about solving the pain points of our customers. Our proven solutions serve businesses in a variety of industries, and we tailor our offerings to find the best fit for your unique needs. We developed our EMX CellOpener-365 as a proven solution to address your large-scale access control system needs. With enhanced security, seamless installation, a user-friendly interface, and a complete, customizable remote monitoring of access to your facilities, this innovative offering will empower your access control with ease.

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