The ULT-MVP combines the most useful loop detector features in one high performance product.

1. EMX Exclusive Detection Technology

Avoid false detection every time. EMX exclusive Detect-On-Stop® (DOS) technology requires a vehicle to stop for at least one to two seconds to activate the detector’s secondary relay.
Easily prevent false activation from vehicles passing over free exit loop in a cross traffic situation and in factory/warehouse settings. Read more about DOS technology.

2. Universal Power Range

The ULT-MVP by EMX is compatible with any operator. The detector will auto adjust to voltages 9VDC to 240 VAC. Eliminate the hassle and expense of stocking and transporting multiple units.

3. Quick & Easy Installation

Make installation of the loop and detector simple with the ULT-MVP’s UltraMeter™. Pull a vehicle onto the loop, observe the signal strength on the UltraMeter™ and adjust the sensitivity to the displayed value. No extra calculations are needed.

4. Robust Design

Combined with its compact size, the ULT-MVP includes an 11 pin plug in base, multiple settings for sensitivity, frequency, pulse on entry, pulse on exit and presence to make this EMX detector a universal fit for any installation.

5. Single or Dual Channel

The ULT-MVP-2 (two channel) provides relay contact outputs indicating vehicle presence for each channel separately or AB logic for direction indication.

For more information about the ULT-MVP Multi-Voltage Vehicle Loop Detector, contact 800.426.9912 or email salessupport@emxinc.com.

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