New Dual Technology Door Sensor

The latest dual technology sensor from EMX Industries has landed. Introducing the OWL – a vehicle motion and presence sensor that activates automatic doors and industrial gates. By combining microwave motion and infrared presence detection, the OWL provides a highly customizable detection area to suit a variety of overhead door applications.

Precise Detection for Your Application Needs

Blue represents motion detection, while red represents presence detection

– Adjust both the microwave and infrared fields for size, sensitivity, direction control, and cross traffic rejection

Flexible Overhead Installation of 11.5 to 21.3 ft

– Replace labor intensive loop installations

Easy Set-Up with Remote Control

– Safely make all adjustments from the ground

Universally Compatible with Any Industrial Overhead Door

– Use for high performance, sliding, and folding doors, as well as industrial gates

Want to know more? Visit the OWL product page for complete details.

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