IRB-MON UL325-2016 Photoeye
The IRB-MON provides a universal solution for entrapment protection.

EMX introduces the new IRB-MON, a thru beam external entrapment protection device type B1, non-contact sensor for use with automatic doors, gates & barriers.

The IRB-MON is designed to meet the upcoming 2016 UL325 regulation.

UL325-2010 Recognized
The IRB-MON is suitable for use with monitored output – a pulse or “heartbeat” frequency signals the device is operational and not obstructed – as well as non-monitored output provided by form C relays.

Long Operating Range
A 115 foot operating range combined with a simple 2-wire connection and potentiometer for sensitivity adjustment make for easy and flexible set-up.

NEMA 4X Enclosure
The waterproof housing will stand up to the elements while its lens-less design decreases fogging and false triggering to provide reliable protection.

The major advantage of the IRB-MON is its flexibility. Dealers and distributors need only one photoeye to cover all applications – monitored, non-monitored & non-UL installations.

Read our specs to see how the IRB-MON will simplify your inventory management and product training.

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