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Dual-zone Drive-thru alert Kit

Save hours of complex wiring and programming with this simple drive thru alert kit

Dual-Zone drive thru alert Kit

The DAK-2ULTMVP drive-thru alert kit provides an audio and visual indication to team members that need to know when a customer’s vehicle has pulled into the drive-thru lane.


This system can be used in a wide variety of drive-thru applications requiring 2 detection zones, including fast-food restaurants, banking, and car wash.

no Need to chase components

Standard drive-through alert installations require electricians to order (and take delivery of) each component separately:


The standard shopping list looks like this:


  • 👉 2x Multi-Voltage Vehicle Loop Detectors
  • 👉 2x Induction Loops
  • 👉 1x Federal signal beacon
  • 👉 Wiring
  • 👉 Housing
  • 👉 Power supply



The EMX Drive-Through Alert Kit is a single line-item which includes everything you need:


  • ✅ 2x EMX ULT-MVP Vehicle Detectors with LD-11 Connectors
  • ✅ 2x EMX PR-46-100 Induction Loops
  • ✅ 1x SLM500B LED Beacon and Sounder with SLMBW-012-024GY Wall Mount Bracket
  • ✅ 1x 120VAC to 24 VDC Power Supply
  • ✅ 1x NEMA 1 Junction Box (wall mounting hardware not provided)

No need to Wire

When you order all of the components separately (ie. without using our kit), everything has to be wired together…


Our kit comes pre-wired, which saves hours of confusing (and accident prone) wiring.

Scroll down to see the the final product prewired in the junction box

No need to configure

Without the drive-thru-alert kit, both the vehicle detector and signal beacon have dip-switches that need to be configured.


The beacon alone has 32 programmable options.


Our kit comes 100% pre-configured.

👉 ONE Part (our kit)...

👉 Pre-wired...

👉 pre-configured...

👉 Ready to install

✅ The loop detectors and beacon come pre-configured.


✅ The parts inside the box come pre-wired.


The only thing your electrician does is connect external parts (loops, beacon, and 120VAC) as shown in instructions.

Buy one part number and get the full kit

The ULT-MVP is a multi-voltage vehicle detector that will automatically adjust from 12 VDC up to 240 VAC to fit any installation.


The PR-46-100 is a ready-to-use, preformed loop with a 100-foot lead that can be shortened or spliced to extend as needed.


The SLM500B is a LED beacon and sounder with three separate levels of alarm.



Pre-wired enclosure with components pre-installed

The small size of the LRS allows for easy installation in pavement with a single saw cut. The LRS flat pack (FP) and direct burial (DB) sensors are also suitable for above ground installations, making them ideal for use in confined areas or hidden in non-ferrous architectural components for security purposes.

Ignore cross traffic with DETECT-ON-STOP™

The Detect-On-Stop™ (DOS®) feature requires that a vehicle must come to a complete stop near the sensor for a minimum of 1-2 seconds before the output activates. DOS® allows detection only when a vehicle has come to a complete stop on the loop. This EMX exclusive feature ignores cross traffic in tight spaces. (Like a drive-thru.)

Long lasting

Rugged construction means longevity and fewer service calls to replace components.

Made in the USA

Products are made in the USA, so any parts or service needs are handled faster.

Technical Details

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